Independence Day Fireworks 2014

I had such a blast taking photos of this years fireworks display at Legacy Park in Lee's Summit, MO, I may just do this again.

TurboMusic Archive

 I'm putting the TurboMusic website up on the shelf for the time being because I haven't given it the attention it deserves and is more of a resource hog than it's worth.   Thankfully all of the soundtracks are actually hosted ...

Rainbow Halo around the Moon

The other night I saw this amazing halo around the Moon.  The halo was made up of rainbow colors; it's kind of hard to see in the photo I took.  The photo came out better than I was expecting, however, ...

Combining the chat window and the forums on a single web page

Once upon a time, the forums included a "shoutbox" that allowed visitors to chat in real-time with each other.  It was always active. Sadly, the shoutbox was exploited in a malicious way and the website was taken down, indefinitely.  However, like ...

Driven to Inspire: Heritage Campground, Carthage, NC

In October, 2011, we embarked on a short camping trip in our RV to nearby Carthage, NC.  While there, I took a number of (hopefully) interesting photographs.      

Photo Op: Spelunking In The Linville Caverns

My wife, Jen and I spent some time camping near the Blue Ridge Parkway near Linville, NC recently and one day we spent the morning exploring the Linville Caverns.  Here is a photo I took inside.  

Photo Op: Fayetteville Botanical Gardens Grand Opening Festival

In April, 2011, I spent the morning spent at the newly re-opened Botanical Gardens here in Fayetteville. Everything was blooming and the weather was great. It was a wonderful opportunity to shoot some pictures.      

Case Study: JoyfulArts Studio Website

My wife, Jen, is an artist and art teacher (among other things).  Her website is JoyfulArts Studio.  I recently rebuilt it from the ground up to include the ability to teach classes online, provide group forums for her students to share their artwork, ...

Chopsado CD Case Design

There’s no denying it. I’m a video game nerd.  So I jumped at the opportunity to design this CD Case for a little device called the “Chopsado”.  It’s a homebrewed gadget that allows Japanese PC-Engine games to run on a ...