Independence Day Fireworks 2014

I had such a blast taking photos of this years fireworks display at Legacy Park in Lee's Summit, MO, I may just do this again.

Rainbow Halo around the Moon

The other night I saw this amazing halo around the Moon.  The halo was made up of rainbow colors; it's kind of hard to see in the photo I took.  The photo came out better than I was expecting, however, ...

Driven to Inspire: Heritage Campground, Carthage, NC

In October, 2011, we embarked on a short camping trip in our RV to nearby Carthage, NC.  While there, I took a number of (hopefully) interesting photographs.      

Photo Op: Spelunking In The Linville Caverns

My wife, Jen and I spent some time camping near the Blue Ridge Parkway near Linville, NC recently and one day we spent the morning exploring the Linville Caverns.  Here is a photo I took inside.  

Photo Op: Fayetteville Botanical Gardens Grand Opening Festival

In April, 2011, I spent the morning spent at the newly re-opened Botanical Gardens here in Fayetteville. Everything was blooming and the weather was great. It was a wonderful opportunity to shoot some pictures.