“Heart Journals” Flyer

This is a flyer I recently designed for my Wife’s recent local workshops.  Strangely enough, it took a few attempts to come up with something I really liked.  I woke up in the middle of the night with this concept, jumped out of bed and put this together in record time.  It’s funny how sometimes inspiration hits you out of the blue like that.

My goals while designing this flyer were to have it modern and eye-catching (targeted towards women), have the viewer get the message in a 3 second glance, and be printable from our home printer (so no full color background that would cause paper to warp).  

I think the flowery patterns in the background and the fancy fonts help give this a current, eye-catching visual appeal while help move the viewer’s eye to the pertinent parts of the flyer.

 Hopefully the message (description of workshop, time and place) is quickly taken in.  I didn’t want the flyer appearing dense.  And it prints off nicely from our printer. 🙂

Click on image to see a larger version.